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Posts and essays on popular culture. Luckily, I’m not the super scholarly type so these posts should be more interesting to read than a college thesis. Which I wouldn’t really know how to write anyways. In fact I barely know grammar, mostly because of pop culture.

Popculling: Fashion Saboteurs Inc

Recently it has come to my attention via a news piece that the cast of “Jersey Shore” (a show espousing the rich cultural milieu of the Italian-American) has been asked by Abercrombie & Fitch (famous for selling clothes by putting out … Continue reading

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Brain Blog: Explain Gmork to Me

So a while ago I had this blaze of inspiration for a new set I could do as a standup that didn’t involve brain tumors AT ALL.  I was going to dissect a few things about Neverending Story (a movie … Continue reading

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PopCulling: Ponderous Cutscene the Lad

In the mornings, after I take my pills I often feel pretty sick to my stomach and don’t really move around too much so as not to make things worse.  Instead I lay in bed until the nausea passes and … Continue reading

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Fallout: Nuka Break

Hey everybody, So as I mentioned earlier I have to go back in to finish neuropsych testing an then shortly after I get home (hopefully) we are expected to get a foot of snow. Fun! I do not imagine that … Continue reading

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PopCulling: The Soap Fossil and the Closing of the College

We are living in a weird time – a time when there is a thing still alive on our televisions that doesn’t really belong there… or even of this time.  I am of course talking about that former staple of … Continue reading

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